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DreamCast Collab

Posted by NoMoreChie - 2 weeks ago

Introducing: the Newgrounds Dreamcast Collab!


Hosted by @shleptboi, @RGPAnims and I


  • Before you reach out to us in any capacity, please take a look at the following spreadsheet including each title by name of every game we’ll be covering in this collaboration:
  • https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13wbj0XhjB3qz7llyx0YSPFxDzMWT8t2Afy-qbF6uom4/edit?usp=sharing
  • Then contact us by email at dreamcastcollabng@gmail.com with your portfolio / demo reel of your previous works OR  send a DM to either organizer (shleptboi or NoMoreChie) with said attachments. Please be sure to share the username you’d like to be credited as, along with any applicable social media links as well.
  • Additionally, please be sure to specify which game from the list you’d like to base your submission on from those that are currently available to claim.
  • We’ll also be looking for musicians to create remixes of classic SEGA tunes, voice actors, and other artists to help out with production. Please feel free to send us some of your work as well to be considered for the project.
  • For the time being, we’ll only be accepting portfolio+demo submissions from the public for animated shorts, voice over opportunities, and remixes + other covers of select songs from the Dreamcast library. Plans are to open submissions publicly for artwork and bumps at a later date.


  • Resolution: 1920x1080 (at a 16:9 aspect ratio)
  • FPS: 24fps
  • File Type: .MP4 (H.264 Codec)
  • Duration: 30 seconds - 3 minutes per short. 


  • Resolution: ANY (please specify dimensions and aspect ratio of piece(s) when sending).
  • DPI (Dots Per Inch): 300dpi
  • File Type: .PNG
  • Illustrations for titles not on the list of allowed games found in the spreadsheet are A-OK, BUT would have to be either games that are synonymous with the Dreamcast, or simply just exclusives. With that said, making illustrations for games already on the list are completely okay as well!


  • File Type: .wav (preferred)
  • Audio Bitrate/Quality: 44100 Hz w/ 16- bit depth (preferred)
  • As long as your submission is high quality, and isn't heavily compressed, we'll accept your track.
  • Duration: ANY!!! Might be dependent on if you’re working with an animator on a submission. In most cases, the animator(s) working on a particular submission will contact you directly to specify how long they need a certain track to be.
  • Remixes not made for titles on the “Allowed Games” list will not be accepted. We’re only accepting songs pertaining to games on the Dreamcast. In addition to this, please note that remixes from games in the same

  • series but NOT on the Dreamcast console will also be declined (i.e. music from Jet Set Radio Future, Sonic Heroes, etc.).
  • For animators not working directly with a musician on a submission but interested in using a song from the collab's soundtrack selection, you GOTTA get permission from the original musician beforehand. We don’t anyone to be surprised later that their music was used without consent.
  • Alternatively, you can always just use music from the OST your submission is based on. Just to be safe though, if you do go that route, run the track(s) by NoMoreChie and shleptboi beforehand so we can see if they have any copyright stuff we would have to keep in mind.


  • All participants MUST join our Discord server for frequent updates on development, and to access links important to the collab.
  • Check-Ins will also be sent out once a month to monitor progress, but will be done over Discord DM as opposed to email, so please be sure to configure your privacy settings to allow incoming messages.
  • All submissions must have a title attached to it. Submissions without a title will simply be referred to as the game they’re based on (i.e.: Sonic Adventure 2, Jet Set Radio, etc.).
  • “Edgy” content will be accepted, but nothing that would warrant an “A” rating. Meaning explicit dialogue, mild blood+gore, and partial nudity is all totally cool, but ya know, just not straight-up porn or anything that contains offensive depictions or discriminatory language.




April 16th, 2023 (Sunday)

by 9:00 PM PST


August 26th, 2023 (Saturday) 

by 9:00 PM PST




one can only dream what the final cast will look like xd
Honestly I think touching on the early 3D SEGA vibe will be great. I'm hyped.


Damn, this one's gonna be awesome; Dreamcast was great. I'm surprised Zombie Revenge didn't make the list.

this sounds awesome

why does DPI matter, are you printing a booklet or something?

Hey, got a couple questions: 1) Are the bumps going to be animated, or will they be still illustrations? 2) Will more bumps be added for games that are included in the spreadsheet but don’t have a bump?

Somebody out there is gonna do Pen Pen TriIcelon and I don’t think I or anyone else will be able to handle it.

@itsabluebanana 1. Bumps will be in the form of short animations

2. We’re only having a limit of 10 bumpers so as to not overwhelm the whole collab

If anyone is planning on doing a Chu Chu Rocket short, hit me up and I'll do anything you want. I don't think I wanna commit to doing it solo, but I need this to happen real bad.

life could be a dream

sonic adventure time

i woul;d LOVE to help out for Voice Acting or some animation. if anyone is doing NiGHTS or Jet Set Radio, please let me know

Yes I'm keenly and kookily curious and interested.

I love Dreamcast 0.0

Shall I come back to Jet Set Radio once again?
IDK... if you think so, plz reply.

always good to have more musicians on board to help with some funky tones

Hey, a couple more questions:
1) When will accepted applicants start to work on their parts for the collab?
2) @RGPAnims If there will be only 10 bumpers in the collab, then why are there 12 entries for them in the spreadsheet as of this writing? I also remember that there were fewer bump entries in the spreadsheet when the announcement was posted, so would that mean that applications for bumps are open right now?

@itsabluebanana 1. As soon as accepted applicants are invited to the server and added to the spreadsheet, they can then start work on their entries.
2. The two additional names in the bumper section were added on a case-by-case basis. Regardless, we will not be accepting applications for bumpers, only full shorts, in order to prevent the collab being over saturated with bumps in comparison to full entries.

@RGPAnims Thank you for responding.

Can i try to join despite not know about other games? like i know some of them but they already picked sooo idk

Whose channel will this be on? Also, I never had a Dreamcast when it was new, but I got into it when I was in my early 20s. I don’t have one anymore though. I’m still kicking myself for hocking it. Been meaning to buy another, but working consoles are so dang inaccessible secondhand, to say nothing of the games. Still, would be nice. Anyway, super stoked for this. Can’t wait.

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